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Middle School Athletics

Middle School Athletics


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Key Facts

Saint Agnes Middle School students have opportunities to participate in athletics both at Arlington Catholic High School and Fidelity House.

At Arlington Catholic High School, Saint Agnes students in Grades 7 and 8 can try out for and participate in football, cross-country, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, golf, basketball, ice hockey, track, swimming, baseball, tennis, softball, and lacrosse.  They are expected to uphold the guidelines in the Arlington Catholic High School Athletic Handbook.

At Fidelity House, Saint Agnes students have the opportunity to play girls’ and boys’ basketball on the Crusaders and Trojans teams during the winter.  Cheerleading is also available.

Students in the Middle School also have the opportunity to participate in two sports-oriented clubs during the school year. Ski Club is offered during the Winter season, and Golf Club is offered during the Spring. Both clubs are facilitated by a member of the staff, and are held at local establishments (off-campus). Transportation to and from these clubs are provided by parents / guardians.